Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Easter Eggs!

I know I promised that I would show you how we displayed the eggs when I was a little girl but I really want to show off some of my handy work.  I have felt very artistic, a sudden rush of creativity released by freedom.

And it has felt so good!  I haven't felt this creative in years.  It has to be a combination of the release from a bad relationship, leaving a stifling job, the security of my relationship now and perhaps even the bliss I feel in my new town and apartment.

I hope that these eggs can serve as inspiration for someone.  Just create. Create whats makes you feel good.

This is how the process starts.  Take a very large gauge needle, a long one, using a rubber spatula gently tap creating a hole in both ends.  Next run the needle all the way through the egg to break the yolk.  Now into a bowl blow on one end of the egg.  I didn't take pics of this cause its just not attractive.  It can also make your jaws hurt like crazy, makes your cheeks burn and be careful you might pass out.  Blow slow and steady, remember this is an egg, its delicate, but don't think if it cracks you have to chuck it.  Depending on how badly you can repair it with how you decorate it, covered in paper or fabric, wrapped with thread, or ribbon you can cover cracks.  If the egg is in pieces then its ok don't panic you can use them as mosaic pieces or do a half egg design.  Again this is about creativity.  You might have to run the needle through again to pop the yolk, its the hardest part to get out. Rinse eggs thoroughly.

Place the eggs in a carton for a few days turning them a few times to make sure they dry properly.

I also use eggs that I don't blow, especially if I don't get any broken during the blow out process. I like the broken ones.  These are just eggs that I cracked at the top not the middle while making breakfast or cookies.  I used a lot of eggs this month! 

My kitchen table has been unusable for anything else this month and I have had to keep a close eye on the cat!  

Looks like a rainbow exploded in my house! LOL

Wrapped with thread.

Colored with permanent marker.

A great way to hold your eggs while working on them.

This one started with a vision, random cut triangles glued in random pattern.

Cute craft papers and stickers are wonderfully creative resources.

A new technique a friend showed using shaving cream and dye gives a marbled effect.

Another view of the 'I Luv Spring' Collection I made a few years ago and my counter top display.

My bookcase display; goal for summer yard-sales find more spring and Easter decor pieces.

Asian Inspired

This is the egg that broke my obsession. My BFF gave me one of the pieces from her kids decorating kits and  I was so excited to use them I left her house and rushed home and sat down started using it! Eggs interfering with friends and blogging and BF! 
From this...

To this! Fabulous!

See how wonderful the broken ones can be.

So this is how I have spent my month... with stained fingers, up to the wee hours of the morning, surrounded by clutter.  But I am so happy with the results, it has definitely been a labor of love. 

I hope my mom can see them from heaven, because she is the one who taught me how to make these delicate and beautiful works of art.  

Thank you Mom for always believing in me and encouraging me.

 I hope you are inspired to create.

Enjoy Y'all


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