Hello I am Oliver

Ello To Everyone

Let me introduce myself, I am Oliver Wong Newberry, orginally from Hong Kong, I attended boarding school in England and then came to America where I now reside with my adoptive mommie, Lizz.
This is me, mommie says I am quite the ham and very photogenic.

I enjoy catnip, sunshine and playing with ice.  I spend my days mostly sleeping, playing and according to mommie being a pest.  At night I like to snuggle with mommie as it makes her very happy but I would really prefer being outside playing with my friends.

Sunshine feels so good, don't you agree?

I also enjoy a good sour gummy worm on occasion.

As you can tell mommie loves to take my picture when I am asleep.

I miss my brother who entered the Navy last August when his box came home from induction day I slept in the box for 2 days before mommie took it from me for a moving box.

I have a thing for water, mommie says I am like a tiger.

My favorite Christmas toy this year.

Mommie was very angry with me when I got into the red paint,

Mommie was very annoyed with me this day she was trying to take photos of the items she purchased and I wanted to be in them too.

Mommie also says I like to get into trouble but really I am just curious.

 Mommie has given me this blog page so that I can share what I enjoy and I have promised to stay out of her way and to stop playing with all her pretty shiny craft goodies.

Please come back again and see what we have been up too.

Oliver W Newberry

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